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Конец декабря порадовал нас парочкой интервью с Йонне. Одно из них уже на английском вы можете прочитать в предыдущем посте или здесь, а второе вот тут на финском или же ниже на английском.

What is the Christmas of your dreams like, Jonne Aaron?

Jonne Aaron from Negative is spending Christmas traditionally.

You went through an appendicectomy and your recovering took longer than expected. In what kind of mood are you waiting for Christmas right now?
- I ate all the chocolate from the Negative christmas calendar in advance. This year is the first year that I haven't really thought about spending Christmas. I haven't really done any preparations but fortunately the tough course of antibiotics is now over.

You were in the hospital for over a week. How did the experience effect on you?
- I feel that everything, even the disease, has a meaning. A week in the hospital without cell phone and social media set my mind at rest. It made my body to stop and I had time to think about everything. I was like lying in a deck chair. My thoughts cleared up as I had time to be with myself. At the same time I found some new motivation for my job.

You had to cancel two gigs because of your disease on December, one in Mexico and the other in Helsinki. How much did that bug you?
- When I went to have the operation I was thinking very romantically that I'll throw those gigs. Some people get home the day after the surgery. In the end the gig didn't feel that important anymore. There will be new ones. Now I'm back to health, though the wound in my stomach is still open.

You were raised in a children's home at one point in your childhood. What kind of memories do you have of the Christmases back there?
- I lived in Rahola's children's home, Tampere, for a short period when I was twelve and four years starting from when I was fourteen. Almost every kid from that place spent their Christmas with their relatives. Me and my brother were in my grandmom's place. The holidays were nice, traditional rural Christmases in Kiikka. Our cousins were there, too. Santa Claus visited and we kids were spoiled with presents.

Which of your childhood Christmas presents has stayed in your mind?
- I got an electrical guitar (toy) when I was four and it was banged in pieces the very same night. When our parents broke up our life was quite a hassle when everything wasn't together yet. Anyway, we weren't lacking presents. Mom bought my little brother and me our own cassette players even though one would have been enough. My dad bought me a secondhand Landola guitar when I was 11 and that's where my career began.

What kind of presents do you give?
- I ordered myself some wall paper for Christmas. The new grey wall paper comes to my living room in Tampere. A familiar carpenter will put it on the wall and I can watch him doing it. I want to learn these things because I like to fiddle all kinds of stuff at home. I've bought presents for my two godchildren but I won't buy presents for the adults.

How are you going to spend Christmas this year?
- I'll spend the Christmas Eve (24th) with my Dad and relatives in Helsinki. I've spent the past six Christmases in my Mom's place but this year it's Dad's turn. It's nice to see them. We have this mafia thing between us - we take care of each other. I'll go to greet my Mom on Christmas Day (25th). My grandmom, who passed away on January, was very close to me and it makes me sad that she's not here.

What is the Christmas of your dreams like?
- It would be nice to curl up under somebody's arm... There would be a soft fluffy rug and a fire. I used to be in a long relationship and we had this tradition that we bought presents for each other every year. The absence of that makes me feel wistful. I don't have a woman that I could get a present from or a woman that I could buy something nice for.

What kind of New Year's Resolutions will you make?
- I promise to myself to be creative next year. I also want to enjoy life. I've learned that one should not swear anything that one can't keep. On the other hand, in this business you have to be cold sometimes. I guess that's something I could train. I've been doing quite fine, to be a nice guy like me.

What do you think about the commercialism of Christmas?
- The thing has two sides. Commercialism employs but also brings garbage. Even only opening the Christmas presents brings it. I think everybody should make their own choices listening to their style and conscience.
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я немного после красного вина субботнем вечером, но я правльно понимаю вот это "It (stems) from our Slavic roots, and I think it's really exotic, especially for Asian people."
это кто там такой?

2011-12-25 в 01:06 

Just let me love you and I learn to love you right. (c) NGT
без понятия.. :hmm: я думаю, он просто так это сказал.. может типа, что Финляндия была в составе России? хотя хз..

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~*~ La nina del bosque ~*~ [DELETED user]
And to me, Chinese sounds like it's from outer space, or something like that. It's really difficult to pronounce – but why not?

оооо, этим он точно привлечет китайцев (а это почти пятая часть численности населения мира :gigi: ).
а вообще, пыталась вчитаться в тот кусок. И не понимаю... Не думаю, что там с историей у него все глухо так было, что такого не знает.
Может быть он не так выразился...

спасибо за ивью!!!